Pamphlet Design

An eye-catching pamphlet helps draw attention to an organization's programs.

Tools Used: MS Word, Adobe Acrobat, Inkscape

The Nelson Curling Centre needed a pamphlet that could be displayed in public places or distributed at open-house events to promote the leagues and programs it offered.


Lots to highlight, limited space

The primary goal was to highlight the range of programs offered by the Nelson Curling Centre, but it was also important to keep the overall look clean and uncluttered. An angled cut at the top of the program lets the main program types jump out. At the same time, the coloured header provides an eye-catching front view of the pamphlet.


Simple, inexpensive layout

Spending a fortune on printing fancy brochures is not an option for the curling centre. Consequently, I designed this pamphlet for standard letter-size paper and used a no-bleed design that can be printed on any decent colour printer.


Keep it clean

Simple, mimimalistic text in a basic font conveys a lot of information without a lot of clutter. It's clean and easy to read, and potential customers can see at a glance what's available at the curling club.


This Can Work for You, Too

A pamphlet is a simple way to promote your organization. Designed to be placed on a counter or handed out at public events, this classic tool gets the job done with minimal expense.

If you need help with your newsletter, brochure, pamphlet or other communication materials, give me a call. I can help.