Electronic and print-on-demand books help promote an annual conference and showcase the participants' expertise.

Tools Used: LaTeX, MS Word, Adobe DreamWeaver, KindleGen command-line utility

CMOS Emerging Technologies Research hosts an annual conference for academic researchers and industry professionals engaged in high-tech fields. Every year, the conference attracts upwards of 250 experts from around the world, representing every segment of high-tech, from VLSI to renewable energy, from wireless communications to photonics.

To promote the conference and make information about the speakers readily available, I publish abstracts for the conference as a Kindle ebook and print-on-demand book available on Amazon.com. The abstracts are originally submitted in Word or PDF format; I collect them and convert them into Amazon's required format for publishing as an ebook. I also lay out the interior of the book for publishing as a print-on-demand book. After each conference, I collect the speakers' slides and collate them into a series of PDF-formatted print-on-demand books and publish them on Google Books and on Amazon.com.

Publishing the abstracts and slides in this way provides participants with a ready reference for material covered at the conferences. It also helps promote the conferences to potential new participants, highlighting the quality of the conference program and the calibre of the researchers featured in it.

This Can Work for You, Too

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Do you have a portfolio of successful projects that you could weave together into a textbook of case studies? Expertise that you'd like to publish as a white paper or booklet? Electronic publishing is one way to get your knowledge out there. And with the current popularity of ereaders, tablets and smartphones, your potential audience is enormous.

Electronic publishing, either as an ebook or a print-on-demand book, is quick and affordable. Once your manuscript is finished, you can have it published within a few days. Ebooks are also easy to update if you need to.

Ebooks are enormously flexible. Publish a pamphlet a few pages long, or a textbook that runs to several hundred pages, including text, graphics, tables, and mathematical formulas. Sell your book online and reward yourself with the royalties, or produce printed copies to distribute for free to drive new customers your way. The options are endless.

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